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defmodule EngineCredo.Runner do
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  @moduledoc """
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  Actual checking of the source files. A list of issues found for each file is
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  attached, then each issue is later converted from an `Ecto.Issue` to an
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  `EngineCredo.Issue` for proper output formatting.
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  alias EngineCredo.{Issue, Config}
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  alias Credo.CLI.Filter

The alias Credo.CLI.Filter is not alphabetically ordered among its group.

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  alias Credo.Execution
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  def check(%Config{execution: execution, source_files: files, source_code_path: path_prefix}) do
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    :ok =, execution)
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    issues = Execution.get_issues(execution)
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    extract_issues(issues, path_prefix, execution)
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  defp extract_issues(issues, path_prefix, execution) do
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    |> Filter.valid_issues(execution)
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    |>, path_prefix))